Gotta Start from Somewhere

This week I launched a new live-streaming music performance show from my studio… and although the show may seem simple to viewers, it was the meticulous culmination of ideas over the past year. I knew I wanted to make it happen, but just didn’t quite know how to make it happen. After bouncing around several concepts with my Pops on the road to cross-country gigs, It occurred to me that the everything, and I mean everything, was waiting on me to take the first step.

Sounds simple, right? Perhaps redundant. I was maybe intimidated with the tech involved to pull of such a task of streaming a live performance with quality. Maybe it was the commitment of consistency that would be necessary to create such an event that was daunting. Nevertheless, I knew and know I want to share my music with the World and it was obvious I had to initiate the plan.

You gotta start from somewhere.

Am I 100% satisfied with my first attempt with mistakes?…Absolutely!

Although there were a few technical issues for the premier, I learned more than I can explain in words. Would I do it again? Well, most definitely… in fact, I’ll do it again next Tuesday.

Days fly by and turn the weeks like pages blowing in the wind. Time is of the essence.
Whatever it is that you have been pondering… perhaps a new health regimen, or a new skill set… don’t ponder too long. Get out there and do it. It will more than likely be rough around the edges, but those will be refined in time and somewhere down the line you’ll look back and say “I’m proud of where I am".

… but to get there, you gotta start from somewhere.

Until next Wednesday, Spread Some Joy to The World!


ps. I will be live streaming every Tuesday 8-9pm CST on my social platforms and on this website on the live page @