“I look through these windows of the world… see what’s going on

Seems like the only thing constant in this World is the change… and that’s a good thing.” - As It Is lyrics H+TI

Windows of time is what I’m talking about in the lyrics above. We all have an unsure amount of time to make our dreams and goals happen. I was heavily reminded this week with the loss of another genuine friend, Bushwick Bill. We had plans of future collaborations and were even planning to do a tour where Henry + The Invisibles was to be his “backup band”. Dreams aside, it seems that fate had other plans… and as of this past Sunday 9:35pm, those dreams and plans were out of the window. Gone like the moment that passed just now… and while the goals we had are now dear memories, more devastating is the loss of a great human being in the World. My deepest condolences, prayers and blessings to all of his circle of friends and family.

As most of us know, time waits for no one. We have but an indefinite amount of time to make our lives meaningful. Each day is a blessing, no matter how hard or unforgiving… we have the chance to make things right, to make an effort for a brighter future, to tell those around us how much they mean to us. Each breath is precious, each hug, each laugh… all of it, a very special moment in the pages of another chapter in our own book of life.

Much can be said about the views we see through the windows of time… I encourage you to open those windows, take it all in and make the most of today and every day. Breathe deep and know that now is very special. Don’t simply stare at the beauty outside, but be a integral part of the beauty outside… and most importantly… Enjoy your window of time. Bill knew what these words meant and lived by them… Rest in power, my friend.

Until next week… Spread some Joy To The World.