You Have What It Takes


Life is amazing… it can be beautiful with all of it’s surprises and blessings… it can also be ridiculously discouraging at times. What comes next after you find yourself in a place you can’t believe you are in? When even friends and family can’t seem to make you break the feelings of deep depression. I’m here to tell you…


You have what it takes to overcome whatever adversity you are faced with.

You have what it takes to turn a bad deal into a winning hand.

You have what it takes to make this day and every day yours… and with a mindset that you refuse to lose, you simply can not.

It may not be tomorrow, maybe not next week, maybe not next month or year… but have no fear, even the cloudiest days will clear. I don’t claim to be a self-help guru, nor will I ever… these words come from my experience in this life. Many times I have thought, “am I doing what I need to be doing? Am I doing all that I can do to make my dreams come to fruition?” One revisited mantra that has helped me along the way… YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES… and the rest is up to you, my friend. Do yourself a favor and believe in YOU…. tell yourself right now…


Until next time, spread some JOY to the World!