MUSAIC and what it means to me

To define the definition of what I feel this album means to me is a great joy. It makes sense. I mean, years of work have gone into this record... the practice and writing process (my favorite part, btw) the production and concept, and this time, the entire engineering side of the desk. Although I mixed the demos for "ONEMANPHUNKBAND", I took the journey much further this time to challenge myself to make my own record from start to finish... playing all of the instruments (aside from Jeff Dazey's saxophone solo on "WHOA"), tweakin the knobs and making some good music. Choppin' beats, laying vocal harmonies... but most of all, healing myself with the messages of this music.   

There is a learning curve, no doubt, and by all means have so far to go... but this record was an incredible journey for myself and those in close proximity. So much in my life that needed true reflection... poems that needed musical accompaniment and beats that needed bass and riffs... and so on. All mixed in are the many stories of love, laughter and loss.

When you look back at life at any given moment, you realize that we are here now.  At this very moment. And it's amazing when you think about it. 

When the pieces of experience in my heart had the time to resonate, I started to envision this album in hopes that the music and messages would speak to you the way they speak for me. 

So here is my mashup of a definition for love, life and music if you could imagine them in a mirrored mosaic: 

MU·SA·IC- /myo͞oˈzāik/ noun  A picture, pattern, or concept produced by the imagination created by the arrangement of vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to conjure beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.


I just would like to say THANK YOU for taking time to read this. In such a busy World, I feel honored to have you sit a minute and check out the sights and sounds. 

til nxt tme,