Gotta Start from Somewhere

This week I launched a new live-streaming music performance show from my studio… and although the show may seem simple to viewers, it was the meticulous culmination of ideas over the past year. I knew I wanted to make it happen, but just didn’t quite know how to make it happen. After bouncing around several concepts with my Pops on the road to cross-country gigs, It occurred to me that the everything, and I mean everything, was waiting on me to take the first step.

Sounds simple, right? Perhaps redundant. I was maybe intimidated with the tech involved to pull of such a task of streaming a live performance with quality. Maybe it was the commitment of consistency that would be necessary to create such an event that was daunting. Nevertheless, I knew and know I want to share my music with the World and it was obvious I had to initiate the plan.

You gotta start from somewhere.

Am I 100% satisfied with my first attempt with mistakes?…Absolutely!

Although there were a few technical issues for the premier, I learned more than I can explain in words. Would I do it again? Well, most definitely… in fact, I’ll do it again next Tuesday.

Days fly by and turn the weeks like pages blowing in the wind. Time is of the essence.
Whatever it is that you have been pondering… perhaps a new health regimen, or a new skill set… don’t ponder too long. Get out there and do it. It will more than likely be rough around the edges, but those will be refined in time and somewhere down the line you’ll look back and say “I’m proud of where I am".

… but to get there, you gotta start from somewhere.

Until next Wednesday, Spread Some Joy to The World!


ps. I will be live streaming every Tuesday 8-9pm CST on my social platforms and on this website on the live page @



“I look through these windows of the world… see what’s going on

Seems like the only thing constant in this World is the change… and that’s a good thing.” - As It Is lyrics H+TI

Windows of time is what I’m talking about in the lyrics above. We all have an unsure amount of time to make our dreams and goals happen. I was heavily reminded this week with the loss of another genuine friend, Bushwick Bill. We had plans of future collaborations and were even planning to do a tour where Henry + The Invisibles was to be his “backup band”. Dreams aside, it seems that fate had other plans… and as of this past Sunday 9:35pm, those dreams and plans were out of the window. Gone like the moment that passed just now… and while the goals we had are now dear memories, more devastating is the loss of a great human being in the World. My deepest condolences, prayers and blessings to all of his circle of friends and family.

As most of us know, time waits for no one. We have but an indefinite amount of time to make our lives meaningful. Each day is a blessing, no matter how hard or unforgiving… we have the chance to make things right, to make an effort for a brighter future, to tell those around us how much they mean to us. Each breath is precious, each hug, each laugh… all of it, a very special moment in the pages of another chapter in our own book of life.

Much can be said about the views we see through the windows of time… I encourage you to open those windows, take it all in and make the most of today and every day. Breathe deep and know that now is very special. Don’t simply stare at the beauty outside, but be a integral part of the beauty outside… and most importantly… Enjoy your window of time. Bill knew what these words meant and lived by them… Rest in power, my friend.

Until next week… Spread some Joy To The World.


Embrace the Change


Embrace this time.

Embrace this moment.

Embrace this life.

Embrace the change.

Many do not appreciate the value of change, as it will not always be desirable or seem beneficial at the time… but change usually happens for one of two reasons : either you are changing because you are learning and growing, or need to change in order to keep up with changes around you. Either way, change will happen. Some changes may make you joyful while others, such as the death of a loved one, may bring about the sadness. Whichever it is, change is inevitable.

What I’m saying here is that regardless of what we want or whatever our future plans are, we will have to make changes in order to reach those goals; in order to get to the next level or state of consciousness and being. We will have to make changes within ourselves to try to understand kinks along the path, as well.

People say “Life is short” and although, I understand what the phrase means and I wish it could last longer than it usually does… life, if we are lucky, is one of the longer experiences we will experience during our existence on Earth. Along this road we call life, so many changes will occur… we are constantly changing… the only constant is change.


Embrace this time.

Embrace this moment.

Embrace this life.

Embrace the change.

Until next time, Spread some Joy to the World!


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You Have What It Takes


Life is amazing… it can be beautiful with all of it’s surprises and blessings… it can also be ridiculously discouraging at times. What comes next after you find yourself in a place you can’t believe you are in? When even friends and family can’t seem to make you break the feelings of deep depression. I’m here to tell you…


You have what it takes to overcome whatever adversity you are faced with.

You have what it takes to turn a bad deal into a winning hand.

You have what it takes to make this day and every day yours… and with a mindset that you refuse to lose, you simply can not.

It may not be tomorrow, maybe not next week, maybe not next month or year… but have no fear, even the cloudiest days will clear. I don’t claim to be a self-help guru, nor will I ever… these words come from my experience in this life. Many times I have thought, “am I doing what I need to be doing? Am I doing all that I can do to make my dreams come to fruition?” One revisited mantra that has helped me along the way… YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES… and the rest is up to you, my friend. Do yourself a favor and believe in YOU…. tell yourself right now…


Until next time, spread some JOY to the World!




Austin's original "One Man Funk Band" announces the upcoming release of the Summer's hottest instrumental beat tape; official release show at One-2-One Bar 

(AUSTIN, TEXAS - June 14, 2018) - Austin's very own "One Man Funk Band" Henry + The Invisibles (Henry Roland) is thrilled to announce the release of his entirely instrumental beat tape, "Beatz The Heat," on Thursday, June 21.Inspired by Beat Scene producers like J Dilla and Madlib, "Beatz The Heat" contains 14 brand new funk and soul-filled tracks that pair perfectly with the summer vibes; whether at the beach, the pool, or on a bike ride down the boardwalk, this tape will be the idyllic summer sound to groove to. Henry single-handedly produced, edited and performed live instruments on the tape. There will be an official CD release party on Tuesday, June 26 at One-2-One Bar,located at 1509 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78704. Tickets are free, but capacity is limited. For more information on the show see here. There will be an official "Beatz The Heat" vinyl release this July 2018, with more information to be announced. Earlier in 2018, Henry released his roller skating anthem "Let's Bounce" which was featured as KUTX Song of the Day on March 30. To catch a recap of Henry's electric live performances, see here. For more information on Henry + The Invisibles, please see:

"After producing a few albums and quite a few singles since my debut EP 'Onemanphunkband' in 2010, I wanted to challenge myself with a different style of record... one which I have always wanted to create," said Henry + The Invisibles(aka Henry Roland). "'Beatz The Heatz' is my first fully instrumental self produced beat tape."

"Multi-instrumentalist Henry Roland is quickly changing what it means to be a one man band," said Jack Anderson, KUTX 91.7FM Host. "Based out of Austin, Henry + The Invisibles incorporates the sheer songwriting finesse of Elton John with the technical virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix in his loop-based arrangements. Roland's abilities on guitar, bass, keys, and vocals coalesce for high-energy performances filled with seamless transitions between instruments and songs - all while the man himself has the time of his life onstage."


  1. The Heat

  2. Sol Shine

  3. The Feelz

  4. AwYeah

  5. BoomBoxx

  6. Mermaid Parade

  7. The Carny

  8. Night At The Carnival

  9. The Mugician

  10. Boardwalk

  11. Boardwalkin

  12. Le Bon Fire

  13. Water Diamondz

  14. Wavez



Today, Austin's funk-master is releasing a brand new single titled Lets BounceLet’s Bounce is a stimulating, disco funk infused song best listened to while gliding around the roller rink beneath the shimmer of a disco ball. “Funk disco roller skating grooves are my favorite style of music,” says Henry. ” Let’s Bounce is my homage to the music that makes me most happy in life.” Henry spent the majority of his youth roller skating and skateboarding on the streets of New York and rediscovered his love for skating when he moved to Austin. Let’s Bounce is an energetic track with a nostalgic edge that’s guaranteed to make you groove. Henry was the sole multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer for Let’s Bounce , which remains true for all of his music. 

Austin has some incredible, one-of-a-kind acts. But even amongst the most well regarded acts in the city, Henry + The Invisibles stands in a league of his own. His live show commands enormous praise and respect from everyone on the receiving end of his high-energy freight train of funk. Henry used to have a backing band to play the myriad of instrumentals that fill up his songs. But, as the story goes, he grew bored of managing the members of his band; getting them in line and on beat was a task unto itself. So, he decided, "why try teaching a backing band what's in my head if I can simply figure out a way to play everything at once with no backing band whatsoever?" Thus: Henry + The Invisibles was born. If you happen to be in Austin in a few weeks for SXSW 2018, it is imperative that you witness Henry as he plays the role of 5 people at once on-stage.